Mists of Pandaria Progression

Terrace of Endless Spring – 0/6

Heart of Fear – 0/6

Mogu’shan Vaults – 0/6

Cataclysm Progression (updates closed for Mists of Pandaria)

Dragon Soul – Complete (Destroyer’s End!)

The Firelands – Complete

Baradin Hold – Complete

(Sinestra undefeated pre-MoP)

(Defenders of a Shattered World!)

Bastion of Twilight – Complete

Blackwing Descent – Complete (Nefarian’s End!)

Throne of the Four Winds – Complete

WotLK Progression (updates closed for Cataclysm)

Ruby Sanctum – Complete

Icecrown Citadel – Complete (Kingslayers!)

Trial of the Crusader – Complete

(Algalon unkilled pre-Cataclysm)

Ulduar – 13/14

Eye of Eternity – Complete

Obsidian Sanctum – Complete (Three Drake Complete!)

Naxxramus – Complete