About CoS

Welcome to the Conclave of SIN (CoS) website!

This site is the public face of us “Conclavians” and we are glad you stopped by! You may be asking, “Just who are these folks?”. Well, we are a World of Warcraft guild on the Area 52 server. We are the same Conclave of SIN who used to reside on Stormrage in ages past but after much downtime and some serious deliberation we decided to transfer to the world of Area 52. We are all proud members of The Horde, and we love playing WoW!

We are a casual raiding guild who regularly raid the high-end instances to be found throughout Azeroth and beyond. We stress a little more laid back atmosphere than some other high-end raiding guilds. While we enjoy taking on the highest challenges the game has to offer, we also simply enjoy basking in the company of our fellow guildies. We hold regular events for all high levels, and we strive to get each member into the high end content.

Feel free to look around the site to learn more about us and we’d be happy to have you stop by and say, “Hi!” in our Guild Forums.

Thanks again for visiting!