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SmashBash’10 Success!

Our Conclave of Sin summer bash (this year titled SmashBash’10) was a total hit! The main event lasted 4 days with the bulk of the CoS crew chillin’ and grillin’ all day Friday and Saturday. Horseshoes, Hibachi, bowling, cards, dominoes, movies, food and fun only tips the iceberg that made up our annual tradition! Thanks to all who came and here’s hoping next year’s party is bigger and better than ever with even more Conclavians ready to roll!


Starting on the upper tier and going from left to right:

Gruzzen, Smash, Brimm, Mohdri, Chick, Celadon, Milch, Bob, Maljjin, Doc, Pheron, Scalia, Yarrick, Oshyn, Sularia, Gein and Soulez!

Halion the Twilight Destroyed!

Halion the Twilight Destroyer has met his end at the hands of Conclave of Sin! Our second dedicated progression night on this death beaming, flame breathing, combustioning and consumptioning dragon ended with ultimate success. Congrats to Gein, Krrazy and Celadon on the spoils of war from the Conclavians’ latest conquest!

Conclave of Sin is still looking for a few solid and determined DPS classes to keep the pressure on the Lich King and pave the way to the coming Cataclysm! Apply in our recruitment forums! We are currently looking for any DPS classes except for Hunters and Rogues and ranged DPS is preferred but not required.