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Ulduar 12/14: General Vezax Dispatched



Ulduar war effort – General Vezax Dispatched

On the tails of CoS’ recent defeats of Mimiron on 6/24 and Thorim on 7/2, CoS has dispatched the fearsome General Vexaz. Good grouping and effective management of saronite vapors led to our success.

Yogg-Saron is within our sights! All we have to do is avoid the clouds, smash some tentacles, and avoid losing our minds!

A quick spotlight on the legendary healing mace; Celadon is now up to a total of 13 fragments, almost halfway to her legendary healing mace!

The Spoils of War (General Vezax):

Darkcore LeggingsGrats Yarrick

Belt of the DarkspeakerGrats Misscybrid

Mantle of the UnknowingGrats Seductra