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The Eagle has landed, 6ft under, along w. Lynx boss

Back in to ZA with some solid results. Eagle boss down on our 2nd attempt followed quickly by the Lynx Boss on our third attempt (2 if you don’t count my audition for the new Capt. America movie). Job well done!


We took a few runs at the Dragonhawk boss but due to time called it before we added his head. Next week. Also, the Dragonhawk trash is annoying, nuf said.

Keep up the good work all!
Next up the Dragonhawk Boss

CoS 10, Bears 0: ZA Account open!

Having elected to delay our campaign on ZA a few days to let the hype settle (meaning lag and crashes) CoS sent two teams in and scored victory against the first boss, Nalorakk. CoS 10, Bears 0. Next up in the playoffs, the Eagles.


Our first group missed the 20 minute timer by a mere 2 minutes, not bad for first go at this guy. Job well done. Eagle boss down to a best 7%. His time will come soon enough.

Keep up the good work all!
Next up the Eagle Boss