Archives for October, 2007

Recruitment Update

Recruitment Needed for Raiding as of 11-7-07:

Please visit our forum for application and further details:

X1 Feral (Tanking) Druid
x1 Shaman Resto only
X1 Resto Druid
X1 Shadow Priest

Blow it out your #$% Tidewalker is walked on

Our second kill in SSC
After settling in on our strategy we made quick work of yet another of SSC’s finest.

Conclavians secure yet another kill in SSC with the head of Morgrim Tidewalker – the second raid boss to fall in SSC.

Great work Conclavians on continuing the body count in Serpentshrine – This team has the talent and drive to go deeper in to end game. Excellent work! onward we go.

The Spoils of War:

[item]Razor-Scale Battlecloak[/item] Tamaros
[item]Serpent-Coil Braid[/item] Kymberlynn
[item]Girdle of the Tidal Call[/item] Reily

Our raiding will continue with Fathom-lord and Hydross as our targets and goal. Study up, we are on a roll