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ZG for You and for Me!

I don’t know what I am, what the hell is this shit anyway?

Conclave of Sin; Zul’Gurub
730 – 1230am EST (x20)
Coordinator: Citam & Bloodraven

Normal ZG clear, you know the drill. Coins/Bijous distributed to the raid. Possibility of doing EoM depending on raid leader discretion.

Another round of AQ20

Do you know who I AM!?

Conclave of Sin; AQR
730 – 1130pm EST (x20)
Coordinator: Yarrick & Wormy

Tuesday is back to being an AQ20 fest, so put on your boots and get ready to play “stompy.” Targets will be first two bosses obviously, then moving on to either Ossirian attempts or extra bosses depending on raid leader discretion. Enjoy!