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Molten to the Cizore..

Conclave of Sin; Molten Core (Full Clear)
530 – 1130pm EST (x40)
Coordinators: Wormy and Lucabrazi

More hot MC clearing action. Let’s go for another power clearing, with our goal of having Rag done before our official end time.

Conclave of Sin; Onyxia’s Lair and Blackwing Layer
530 – 1130pm EST (x40)
Coordinator: Yarrick

As a little warm up exercise, we’ll take down Onyxia first at 5:30. Once that’s taken care of and phat lewts have been awarded, it’s on to BWL! ETA should be around 6:25 EST. Depending on how Thursday goes, we’ll either be putting more pressure on Vael or moving on to the Lasher! (Note: This will be the Suppression Room and Broodlord Lashlayer Raid; review the strategy guide going up early Friday morning). Hopefully we can see some new content this weekend. Bring your A game!