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More AQ Goodness

Conclave of Sin; Ahn’Qirag
730pm EST (x20)
Coordinator: Vodang & Lucabrazi

NOTE: Onyxia has been added in before this raid, at 630pm EST! Please sign-up if you can make it! We will be using Thursday’s PHP Raid Sign-Up page. Once Onyxia is down all members may proceed to Silithus southern gates.

Our target will most likely be AQ, though the instance will be fresh. We’ll work on clearing faster and getting more books for folks, as well as extra faction and faction items. Any extra time will be devoted to working on Anubisath pulls. Remember, meteors mean GROUP UP!

Blackwing Lair and Onyxia, HOOOO!

Do me first!!!Survey says at least one of the helms I drop will be sharded...suckers!

Conclave of Sin; Blackwing Lair (Razorgore and Vael) and Onyxia
630 – 1030pm EST (x40)
Coordinator: Karr & Yarrick

Time to take another chunk out of BWL, first with Razorgore and then moving on to give Vael the old college try once again. After Razorgore is dead and we’ve taken some good attempts at Vael, officer discretion will determine when we’ll move on to Onyxia and take care of her for the night.