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More Bug Smashin’

Conclave of Sin; Ahn’Qiraj!
530pm EST (x20)
NOTE: Wormy cannot make (sick) — passed to Frostillicus

AQ20 here we come again! If we haven’t downed Rajaxx by now, this will offer some strong practice and/or a satisfying kill.

This is it…

Conclave of Sin; Molten Core (Garr – Ragnaros)
530 – 1130pm EST (x40)
Coordinator: Karr and Frostillicus

This is it folks, the big attempt at Rag that we’ve been planning for. Full potions/buffs will be in use for this occasion, and we will be giving it our all so that we can make some solid progress on this jackass. Come prepared with bandages and any relevant potions.