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Scholomance, an Evil Hogwarts

Conclave of Sin; Scholomance, an Evil Hogwards
8pm EST (x10)
Coordinator:Wormy / Yarrick

Time to go visit Gandling to raid this hallowed lair of necromancy. Bring Flask Items if you got em, and Blood for Kirtonos.
If we have enough people, we can form 2 raids.

More Burning Crusade Details — Karazhan Preview

Blizzard has posted more information about the upcoming Karazhan dungeon. This new dungeon will be a part of the Burning Crusade expansion.

A ten person dungeon, this one will explore the abandoned home of Medivh. Beautiful sounding rooms like arcane libraries and opera halls make this place sound like it will be a beauty to behold.

Read more at the official site